Tuesday, June 9, 2009

now this is fun

we took little A out for a visit to the fire house before she leaves she LOVED it, as we expected

Gray put his head set on himself

fun even in the ambulance

this is my kids favorite room. another great day spent at another great place!

Our sweet little A and her mom are leaving soon...

so we have been spending as much time as we can with them. Today it was at the zoo

lots of friends having big fun together

OK, sorry Addi, if Gray and little A get married this ones going in the slide show

for some reason I like this one. They look like two grown ups talking.

a bit of lunch and some park time.

I love her expression

the boys call me "snaps" because of how many pictures I take and boy was I living up to that name today

more buddies

when I print this one I'm going to zoom it in, it could win a contest in my book . He had her laughing the hardest I've ever heard her laugh

they really do love each other very much

another great day at one of our favorite chicago sites

Friday, June 5, 2009

a great BIG praise

we have received our official referral from China, which really means she is ours! God has been so clear to us about Mei right from the start and the quick referral is another testimony if his goodness what should have taken 2 1/2 months has taken us 1 month. Now what? we wait again for travel approval from China which is a little sketchy right now because of the swine flu. They estimate we will travel at the end of July but again we are praying for a miracle for it to be even sooner. Even just day less she has to spend in the institution is a blessing to us, she is ours now get her out of there! God is way bigger than swine flu and can certainly answer our prayers the way we ask but just as long as we do travel for our girl will be miracle enough when ever it comes.

There is another BIC graduate in the family

At our church in jr. high you can choose to take a 7 month study of the entire Bible. It is a long tradition for our church and this year I am proud to say B has gotten the foundation of his faith layed out and learned.
there are 4 generation of BIC graduates, praise God,that came to see him graduate. At the beginning of the year I told him to take this serious, this will be the most important thing you ever learn, my foundation in BIC is still so important to what I know about the Bible today and am glad he had the same blessing I did in systematical learning Gods word.

This is mark, a leader B looks up to and cares for very much. David and I couldn't be happier because he is an awesome Christian servant of God (with unbelievable patience with jr. high boys) we love having him in our boys lives.
we had a table full of cheerers

how did he get so big?

but never to big for this
a picture says a 1000 words...

Thanks to pastor Shawn and Andy for taking the time to teach my boys about the love of Christ. I'll say it again and again We are so blessed to have such awesome men take an interest in our boys lives, I love the body of Christ!