Wednesday, February 25, 2009

yeah bulldogs

yet another super cool thing about our awesome family, sweet hand-me-downs
and the excitement there is when you wear them!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Have you ever wondered...

most everyone knows that my kids go up to my grandmas most every morning but did you ever wonder just what they do up there? I don't even know who took these pictures I just found them on the camera. As you can see grandma will feed you breakfast in front of channel 11 on the specially made tray (by grandpa naturally). She even takes orders and brings it out to you, service with a smile. You will also notice that the floor gets covered regularly with all her toys, also worth noting that those are the same toys I played with as a kid on that same floor. My gramma is a simple woman who enjoys the really important things in life like praying for a cinnamon toast breakfast with 2 of her great grandchildren .

a wonderful surprise!

courtney and jaskson stopped in today it was so wonderful. It reminded me of better days and gave my kids a break from the dull.
C-dog was at school so court left and picked him up had naps and returned with both the boys which was a double treat,

then thanks to one of my beautiful girls from Bible study I had a meal to offer her for dinner so they joined us for a real dinner!

I am so thankful God doesn't let us in on everything because this surprise was just what I needed. Thanks Erik for sharing them with me today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

back home

upon taking one step into my house I saw that someone had been in my house and cleaned up. Yes the whole house even the basement we were all in shock and disbelief. Being Norwegian we are sure it was Norwegian Trolls who were very busy while we were gone. Our family just continues to be blessed during these junky days we are going through. Thank you Trolls from the bottom of my heart I love you.
liv by her cleaned desk

sky went right to work painting with his new paint set

and g & O played Bethel community church where she was the Secretary Mrs. Mecher and he was the pastor, Shawn Clarke. Isn't pastor Shawn cool with the shades on? They were preparing for the annual meeting which as you can imagine is "very hard work"

sky turns 11

what better way to start the day then with a cup of coffee?
art has become a favorite thing in our house
inspired by Rhonda gray got these for sky
we decided to celebrate at a hotel but we had to cut back a little we only had enough for 1 bed
this ones for caleb except gray calls them "monster trucks"
another new hobby of the theirs
his own recipe book to be filled with family recipes
then we took a cab to the Art Institute (new love of art) the kids were so excited to ride in a taxi
we even played cash cab, which amused the cab driver, luckily we only got 1 strike so we didn't have to get kicked out
enjoying art

the big kids brought their sketch pads and a pencil to do some drawing
F.Y.I. Feb. is free month at the art institute, score!
I like this one quite a difference to the pictures we usually take here

we decided to walk to the restaurant, well not gray
we went to the Grand Lux (which always reminds us of Chris) and their birthday wish was an edible card, really cool and delicious

we got in a little swimming this is a family favorite. They all beg him to do his belly flop over and over
a birthday cupcake from the Hersey store yum

more swimming. B is especially proud of his figure in this picture- eeww jr. highers

a wonderfully warm activity in the middle of Feb.

one more gift to wrap up a great birthday

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

mothers night at sparks

Lately I have really been missing my mom. So this mothers night at Sparkies made my heart ache thinking of her. I was glad Wendy was a mom there too, some how it made it easier. Here are the great moments of the night
Kendell was my pinch runner which was great
another great in this picture is Kitty the leader who does the devos every week, David and I were her powerhouse leader. We were there when she excepted Christ, just a student on the "fringe" who now is all grown up and teaching our daughter about Christ. Oh yes so great
that's my girl, wow so great
finished her second book on mothers night, totally great
and then she picked out of the treasure chest held by the same Mr. Fox who held that treasure chest for me 30 years ago what a great example he is. As you can see I wasn't to glad to be there at first but I think God was just sitting up in heaven smiling knowing how blessed I would be at the end of tonight. I still miss my mom but am so blessed by the great church family and blood family God continues to use in my daily ho hum life.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Sitting at the desk top really hurts me and that's why it is hard for me to keep up on the blog. BUT today I found out that we get Internet in the bedroom so yeah I can blog comfortably now so get ready I am all caught up! Enjoy

The winning streek continues

It's first again for design and 5th for speed, the best a 1st place design car has ever placed for speed! Sadly top 4 get trophy's so we almost had 2.
here is the winner. Next year I am going to track the hours that they put into it. Lets just say they were many!

Our inspiration the Roy O.Disney.
A proud moment for Sky.