Monday, February 22, 2010

the little things that mean so much

as you know the blog doesn't get many updates simply because we are not able to get out so much anymore. Life is different for us now. Things like these are our special times these days.
Today we found out a policeman from our Church was killed on the job. It has really shaken me, living with a first responder the fear of him not coming home one day is always on my mind. It also infuriates me at what a sinful world we live in. our pastor reminded us yesterday we are to live each day with Christ in the center of our lives, matching His message with our life style. It is alot clearer today thinking of Al Haymaker who sure did that with his life. So although my life doesn't look anything like it used to activity wise I pray that is evident what is really important to me, my God and the little miracles he has given us a few of which are in these pictures, thanks be to God that He is bigger than sin and way smarter than I am.

an outing to the fire house

with a stop at spunky dunkers for donuts we visited our favorite fireman
this picture reminds me of the last scene of the muppet 3D show at Disney. Thumbs up to all who know what I'm talking about.

always nice to visit especially when Dave's on a 48.

Happy Chinese New Year

we celebrated down in china town and visited the firehouse watched the parade and ate yummy food. She didn't seem to know anything about Chinese new year which is weird and still isn't sure about china town

good tims with baby A

nanny O always hard at work
soooo cute!

me and my sweet medicine, here is something I CAN do!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

derby firetruck this year

another great showing for the Rill boys 2nd place finish and davids last derby car for a few years

skys golden birthday

we head to the car show
a birthday call

a little dinner at harry Carry's, we call it pops

back home for more gifts, dessert and Olympics

"cake" chocolate chip pizzas, yum

finished the day making last minute adjustments to his derby car for the race tomorrow.A full day of celebrating for my now 12 year old boy, ugh how does that happen?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

moms night at sparks

thankfully my girls had Kendell there to be the running mom
got to love self portraits

if you were a Bethel sparkie you probably remember uncle Gladdys parachute

it's still bringing smiles after all these years. No pictures of me? well just after this picture Liv got her eye poked and it turned red and swelled so she insisted NO pictures.

fun with cousins

my baby A is getting so big
if you remember the picture of mei the first time she held emmitt you can look at this picture and see how much more comfortable she is now with her "2009 cousins"
both babies at once what a treat