Monday, February 28, 2011

the end of winterfest. it will come in instalments

awesome shot
bethel wins! 2nd year in a row

the best friends are church friends!
Abbie I thought of you when I took this one! you will be home sooooo soooon!

gray and cody have a great relationship 9 times out of 10 you will find gray with him
as they began to slide mei said "I have to find someone to jump on" funny she found frank who already had liv on his lap already, also there were about 20 people in this train. can't pass up the best!
ah frank loves every minute of it!
I think this pic is so cool yes all every member of my family is on there and notice shawn filming on the way down
gray found this drum and asked shawn if he could play during worship, he said yes and gray was in heaven! look how the two of them are watching him, so cute!

NO JOKE! he layed down during the rowdy set and almost feel asleep!
my boys, couldn't be prouder. (sky just practiced didn't play the sessions...yet)
when they were practicing they began to sing mei's favorite song-mighty to save- so suz let her sing along, I adore suz, the kids do too obviously
it was pitch black when I took this photo I'm so happy with how it turned out, mike even got in on it

so cool right? the leader/student game was at 11pm
love this one, these are the memories I love
these boys asked over 20 friends to retreat with over 20 NOs. pray they keep asking!
I think we have this same pic since liv was born, it was a must have
I love that my kids are growing up with kids who grew up with us!
it never gets old- the old spin and walk, stumble. they all had tons of fun with it. even baby A cried when uncle dave had to go practice. NOTE suz face on the bottom pic, that says it all

the icing on the cake co-mvp's. a freshman and a senior a good combo

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

sky's birthday part 2. chicago auto show...

here is mei favorite car of the show this year D tool the kids on one of those rough rides, they loved it! there were 3 of those real tracks this year that's how huge it is
there's way more to do than just sit in cars
we were so happy to hear mater was there!
D and G both had their cars shirts on, perfect
state farm defiantly had one of the best exhibits
Jeep had the kids track again. gray was recognized for being an exceptional driver

also JEEP
our other fav was Army! It was really fun and they were all so nice

she doesn't look that scary with that big smile on
this was cool too you got to take a pic as a band. sadly B wasn't in the picture they gave to you or it would have been the rills album cover
at this one you decorate the car with static clings. I think this was one of our best years at the show. they had so much for everyone to do. I'm glad the car industry is looking up!
On a bad ending we went to R.J. Grunts for dinner ,used to be one of our fav's, and we walked in asking for a seat for 8 and they straight our told us they wouldn't seat us we were to many or would have to split up, I said we couldn't only 2 of us are adults, could we wait for a big table? the hostess said "no we have no room for you here" ugh guess what is no longer our favorite place? we ended up at uncle Julio's where they had wonderfully nice hostess and were open for a large family, and so delicious! Sky's lucky he actually got 2 birthday dinners.

Monday, February 14, 2011

a good old fasion Sunday at grams

yea, baby A wears Livs valentine dress. I love seeing our things being used again!
our family, minus 9, for lunch at grams

ah cozy chair

good thing this is an old. well made couch, guessing a newly made one wouldn't hold up to our family
an awesome surprise to get Colby here too. He got a grand welcome when he walked in. And the brace free smile is beautiful!
this is one of livs favorite places to sit
as always when my grandma shushed us all for prayer through her tears she praised God for this family. It is true God has blessed this family for so many generations. It is so incredible we all love to be together, no hate, arguments, we have lived through so many horrible situations together, we all live to follow Jesus and have a TON of fun when we are together. God is awesome!