Sunday, November 30, 2008

our visit to the Dahlins

here we all are together again
Saturday morning we went to the U.S space center. We never knew that Huntsville was the site for NASA

some how they tied rock climbing in to something you do in space

my space campers all did great

this is the actual capsule that brought the Apollo 16 astronauts home

practising space flight, for 75 cents

Peter, sky and I went on G force a 4 G spinning ride

the actual space shuttle, it was huge do you see us under there?

back home for Rhonda famous pizza and cookies

today she had helpers

Sky even got her secret recipe

super yum. This is what we look forward to when we come to the Dahlins

our big boys got a treat riding in Peters car

and then lunch at Cheeburger cheeburger (no misspellings)

what a fun looking group we are

Pierson loved being one of the big guys

Saturday, November 29, 2008

as we say goodbye

we woke up to rain a leaky tent and puddles so packed up and left the camp site asap we went back to the Rapps house took all our stuff out of the car to dry showered and headed out for lunch

this is exactly the last thing I did want to do here eat and play on the beach

we just love deadliest catch

that is the way of our camp ground you can even see the rain
we escaped it but you can see the sky difference here
love it

our boy Chris
we went up to rinse off and gray just walked up and stood right under the foot shower you can see that he is wet all the way up to his shirt that is from washing his feet

then back to the Rapps to pack up and say so long

one more minute of fun

this is their driveway, wow

one reason I love that they love here so much is because she is so much like my mom, so much and it makes me smile that they would have adored her too!


happy thanksgiving

the perfect way to begin the day. the kids and David took a bike ride to Starbucks and brought back coffees. What a great way to wake up

our toaster

going to pick up fire wood

outside our "dresser"

we took a wonderful bike ride to a near town Seaside. Sadly all my photos but these 2 got deleted. We did have a fun time at the play structure, ice cream shop and the beach believe me the pictures were great

here is where we stayed Grayton beach state park

while we were on our ride our camp site was transformed in to a thanksgiving party

a friendly competition between university of Florida and Florida state

a new bandages for grays owie

the gang
lining up for unbelievable amounts of food

our thanksgiving table this year
as is their tradition right after dinner go over to the beach for the sunset
a little turkey bowl

this picture just shows how wonderful it really was

triptifan kickin in
once it got dark certain people played and sang by the fire. This was our favorite act.