Sunday, August 30, 2009

hooray for updates

our Internet hasn't been cooperating with me this past week so I haven't been able to post so here is a little catch up

the Meisters visit

luckily for us uncle Tim's Dr. is right by our house so we got to play with the girls during his appointment. It is so cute how D & G get along so good even though they so rarely see each other.
dress up is always popular and this house has boy and girl dress up

don't you just love the hat! arrg me matey

this ones for you colby

livvy thought you would like to see her hammock B made for her
and she even slept in it, just like you!

Meis first mooch at mechers

as always we had fun at aunt lynns and uncle gladdys. bonus the stroms and Brooke came too!
when she said good bye to Rachel she gave her a hug only her second (non-us).

at home a little uno time.she was getting confused at the skip and reverses.

mei's first haircut

sky needed a haircut so we brought Mei in for one too.
she wasn't crazy about it at first but we only did a trim and as you can see she left happy. Our stylist is the greatest she even was asking us Chinese words so she could talk with Mei. Mei even let her lift her in to the chair it was really so much better than it could have been. Another first gone smoothly.

swimming and more...

we had fun his week at the Bacon's pool. Mei loves swimming (so do the other kids) so it was really fun.
once Wesley came home he pulled out his toy and gave rides. Gray actually rode first but I didn't have the camera ready

slam dunk
with a little help

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mei meets another new cousin

what have we been up to?

we took a visit to navy pier while liv had some much needed Brooke time.
we got in a few hours at the children's museum, bonus.

we pointed to the fireman ask said "baba" (daddy) she laughed hysterically saying NO.

first the fireman next the plumbing exhibit what could be better? well a running included i suppose.
we waited for this absurd water show and then for the fireworks and yes Mei does like fireworks, thank goodness!
oops out of order here

these are cool. they are solar wi fi and charging stations on the top deck of the pier. it was fun to be in chicago again. except for the tons of pain I was in the next day but I got to still have some fun right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

quick update on us

we are home now and my hip has been less than great. At camp David injured his knee, bummer now we are both hobbling around what a sad sight we are. Thankfully he got in to an orthopedic Dr. today who ordered an MRI. once our insurance approves it he will schedule it. He went in to talk to the chiefs at the firehouse and to find out how much sick time he has left as you know he usually uses that time for when I am bad or have procedures done so this is worry some.
Mei is doing well I think she and David are doing quite well now. at camp she had a melt down and B wasn't there so David picked her up and that turned the dad corner for her. the latest thing is her only wanting to eat junk food. So today she protested to eat at lunch and we took all the snack food and put it on the refrigerator and she, well was a bit upset. it seems we can't go out to eat for a while since you can't get away from french fries! we had been putting up with it since we just want her to eat but can't anymore now she isn't eating any "good" food at all.
the other kids are doing good except for Gray he is struggling (mei struggles with him too) but we knew that would be the case so I am trying to give Gray the extra time he needs. thanks for the prayers DON'T STOP we have a long way to go, Tammy

Thursday, August 20, 2009

more fun at camp

Tarzan fun on the island

dew swing
is this a photo op or what?
going over

FYI, Mei loves smores
and colby too it appears
saying goodbye

next time we are up there the ground will look white, ugh

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

big F-U-N at camp

B was ecstatic when Kyle asked him to be a spotter on the track and trail, getting ready to be real staff chuck

the students are always generous with our kids and Mei is no exception

finally Gray got to ride the zip line
a lot of firsts this week, first kayak ride
this was a big step towards David, she was teaching them like cats cradle type things and laughing at them when they couldn't do it.
who is this girl?a snake really ugh
Colby took all 5 on their first Hobie ride they are all hooked they LOVED it

the thing I love about CPBC is that they treat everyone like family. Family is so important to us maybe that's why we love it so much here they are so great to our kids.

Jenny took liv and sky Barrie picking and then they made a pie. We ate it warm with ice cream oooh so good!