Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a bit more fun

fishy races at the fun fair at grace cov.

mei's first ride down this zip line

gray is finally big enough for the dew swing and he proved it 11 times that day

tarzan swing

a taste of our time in the U P

in no real order you'll get the idea

ok we went in to Eagle river as we always do and we ate at this pizza place. David and I had eaten here many times as teens (like 26 yrs ago) while on vacation with Daves folks and NO KIDDING it is exactly the same ! carpet and all timehas stood still in eagle river I guess

thank goodness the go kart track has gotten better

david had to go home and work some. these are so long pics

mei had her first pasty and loved it!

we play very hard

I think everyone knows I love it up there at hagerman lake, actually I'm addicted how can you not be with a situation like this one?