Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the 2009's first block party

it was the stroms block first too a big day all around
G was the only participator from our family in the eating contest and he represented us well
all that was left of the oreos
I think this one is funny reminds me of an Elvis pose
a little limbo
and gladstones famous, and old because I remember doing them, water games, another of mei's firsts which put uncle gladdy a few more notches up on her fun-o-meter!
she has this game mastered. Quite sure she gets that skill from the Rill side
the best thing about block parties I think is all the kids, don't know each other, but play for hours together. Now these 2 do know each other but the car is another kids that they made friends with in that afternoon. that's just plan cool I think. Other than the aweful pain I was having the day was a total success

random fun

cousins have a surprise sleepover
a little sewing lesson on grandma gails machine
another fun time at mei's first trip to Marios. the verdict? she LOVED it

this little guy was born on my mom's birthday. A big yippie from liv another baby to hold

a party Bacon style

congratulations to Wes, Chad &Brooke
looks like a little Chinese froggy

"same shoes" this was the last day before our friends left for Africa so it was great fun to spend it here.

fun times in the city

one of our favorite times at the beach is at sunset...
with family if you squint real hard you will see the lourias in the water
we all thought it looked like cotton candy
after dark
after the fun is over. It is not very often you see G asleep in the car so much so I took a pic of it .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

good old fashioned fun

a homemade slip and slide on the front lawn doesn't get much better than this
there were tricks a plenty
here's an old Chinese trick I guess

so afterwards we went for Mexican. The kids menu had noodles Gray made a noodle burrito yum never tried that recipe before, only chief gray

skys 12 year old trip to conerstone

pure dad/son time
our families favorite toby mac

this is out of order but D &sky won a texting contest 2out of 5,000. what did they win?wait for it...

heres their prize, note the location on stage with David Crowder! "it was the best 12 year old trip ever!" David loved hearing 5,000 voices singing at him
David said there were tons of families there and we are in discussions of us all going back next year it was just that great
5 days alone with your dad...priceless

we're goin to the zoo zoo zoo...

at one of our favorite chicago stops, here are the matchy matchy girls
and the whole crew we are quite a sight walking around "our own little parade" I always say

random, random...

since our wireless was down for alooong time I have much to catch up on here are some cuties worth a look.

oh boy, my boy big enough for high school and I don't love the idea but look at him walking out of the same high school his dad did! It was our plan even before kids that they would go to Fenwick and wow one thing we planned actually worked out no kidding who can believe that.

a camping birthday

guess who's 8 YIKES!
we went camping with friends and as you will see our family had an extra kid again.
yes a nice catch for the birthday girl

fun to get birthday calls all day
a little volley ball
this shirt reminded us of our beach at miss Janet and chris'... with no oil!
enjoying every birthday minute
miss popular

big kid time while waiting for open fishing poles
everyone wants a piece of the birthday girl
playing together to the very last minute
2 families =10 kids now that's a party
the traditional wacky picture always our last picture with these guys.
kudos to me who made it camping, what was I thinking I kept asking myself BUT it was a load of FUN and a great birthday with great friends.