Wednesday, September 22, 2010

randon summer fun

watermelon art, very summery

yes I was laying flat for this activity, it was not my craft idea but luckily my kids have the crafty gene
the little camper came to visit, no surprise who got her most
funny thing when I give my kids the camera to take pictures of what they did I always get self portraits
that's better, buddies
a few from the church picnic

grandma said " oh my hair look awful, I hope everyone just looks at Kendell"
yep we have another coffee drinker. mom and grandpa would be so happy
garage sale baby
picnic at a wonderful park in the meadows
yes minus one kid, only 4? not lovin it
well we know my kids have good imaginations...
and a stop to see rolling meadows finest. bonus our good friend is training with Dave so it was a double visit
there are so many things funny about this pic but do note that the McDonald's cokes were still only $1
whats a visit to the firehouse with out getting a little wet, I bet Luke took note of this little trick

Mei's BFF was in town

we got to take her to the airport with a yummy stop at Culver's first
well and a visit to Target I mean she'll be gone until Christmas she's got to get things done!
since seeing the rodeo at camp my kids love cowboy stuff soooo when they found these beauties oh yeah it was picture time (love greys cowboy face) LOVE YOU BFF!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the last (David) Rill to enter sparks boo hoo

the good news is 2 more Rills started today too so we'll have rills for years to come! However you know me I cried when B started sparks too. Having our cousin there and seeing her huge smile at the end of the night got me through the "not my baby" sadness. AND 151 kids at AWANA tonight our best first week number ever hooray! Thanks for bringing more Rill to the church guys!

"how's B's running?" here's your answer...

How is it that my baby is as big as all these high schoolers?
the first real meet, st. pat's. B came in 4th the team came in 2nd and so it begins
Fenton meet, which we consider the first BIG meet we had the best cheering section there the girls even made up cheers for the boys! You may notice some of our church friends in there yep one of B's best friends also started at Fenwick this year it's so fun to have someone else to cheer for, B ran 12 seconds faster than last week and came up with 4th again.
this picture was him cheering on his team mates. I was really proud of him encouraging everyone running, even kids from other schools. I see he truly does have a love for others and for the sport.
joliet, guess what finish? yep 4th running 13 seconds faster with a team finish of 3rd. I will brag a bit here, he was the fastest freshman running .
when fall comes this is where you will find us. I had a huge complement from one of the students. someone made a comment about me being just the coaches wife and he shot back "she's his wife but she's a part of our team" everyone needs a boost now and then and that one will carry me for a long time.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

tye dye friday

a craft we were going to do turned in to an extravaganza at the stroms
we all found stuff to tye dye
even sky did his socks
the girls even did onsies for the babies we will have to take a done tye dye shirt very soon!
then after the crafts the kids just played. Sky was so cute with E playing his guitar together

it was like those commercials say it was "priceless"

yes it was delicious!

I adore this picture and already have it framed in our house.

another momumental day!

had never actually been in the Daley building before
but today we went to floor 17 for even more adoption paper work, even looks important right?

they even got goodies
we thought this was cool like we were in a special club. The really cool thing is that behind this door there were about 30 people joining this adoption club too it was a really beautiful sight to see
ok, we figure if you are going to be a lawyer this would be the sweetest gig ever, help make many times have we stood in this spot in front of this famous Picasso and an a building with such history. Today it was all new we were here for a purpose that has changed our lives forever
"isn't it delicious?" yes just like the movie liv walked over this an unexpectedly got blown away. again like the movie we stood and enjoyed it for a while. (the next picture didn't get up but I will post it later its worth the look)
then we walked over to the set of the movie Transformers. since I am quite sure I will never watch the movie I stood and looked on at them destroying our bridge.