Thursday, March 26, 2009

God is good

So tonight my oldest son who is days away from becoming a teenager, hard to believe,was out tonight to a Bulls game until midnight. The beauty of it was I wasn't worried at all! His awesome jam leader took him to the game and drove him home. God is so good in giving us such great leaders to be examples for my boys. I was in a quiet house for 2 hours before he got home and I was praying thanking God for the peace He gives knowing that his ideas, the church body, really work so wonderfully when we are trying to raise our kids in this broken world. I know it's just the start and I will have another midnight wait that doesn't feel so comfortable but for now I praise God for Mark who shows my boys that serving God the only way to live. God is so good.

awana games

our sparkies, and a very eager cubbie who stepped up
the super fans

look at how intense g is, I guess she wasn't under to much pressure
the genes continue, saige ran it as well
hooray the so big heads got first by a mile
we had tons of signs made this year at our pep rally
competition never looked so cute

a high five from the coach along with a gold medal
another proud coach

she had her own cheering section
now its the older kids turn, on the bean bag relay they won 1st all 3 rounds nice start

my boy so excited to cheer for his friends, win or loose
just like his mom, tug of war must be in the genes too

surprise of the day, my speedy niece and she won by a land slide no contest I was going nuts! another runner, hum I know a good coach.

my favorite moment of the day when sky walked right over to high five T for a great race

by the way our shirts were the coolest... again

Bethel community 1st place! the celebration begins
just checking

These days always bring back such fond memories. I was so blessed to be raised in the church and the memory for today, wearing the medal for 48 hour straight because of the pride felt in myself our team and Bethel church
great job guys !

Monday, March 23, 2009

no pictures just praises

A wonderful thing happened on Friday, one of the little kids friends asked if she could come over to play and with Dave at the FH I could answer YES! If you know me at all you know that I love my truck full of kids and a crazy house full of children's laughter. Lately my body has not allowed either but praise God I was able to enjoy having a friend over again. May seem small and ridiculous to you but I layed in bed that night full of joy that God had let me do one of the things I love the most sharing my heart with kids. AMEN!

south for the winter

I know you get SICK of me saying it but my husband is so great, he spoils me rotten and I know it! a few weeks ago I couldn't take the weather anymore and asked him if me and the kids could just go to a warmer climate. days later here we were in our van going south. (notice the ugly weather out the window)
he did end up joining us 2 days later by plane
family, short sleeves & sunscreen that's all I needed
God is so good, an empty week, a free condo, 86 degree weather I don't take any of these blessings for granted
now I am always saying how " I love the body of Christ" but meeting up with them on a vacation is even better! That's right who knew but some of our friends where staying only 15 minutes from us. gotta love text messaging
gray enjoying the camera I think it's weird that neither the camera or the computer flipped the picture he took upside down

it wouldn't be a day with the Weavers without Dutch Blitz

Kira, I knew you would get a kick out of this pool side shower we visited

this for snow flurries, oh yeah
some fun in the sand

kind of a dog sled race southern style and yes they did win and yes he did have sand EVERYWHERE!
NO WAY bonus #2!!! MORE of our church body with the same great idea. We ran into the Shoemakers (Mark is B's jr. high leader and so B knew he was on his way down) on their first day sadly our last. But what an excellent few hours we had together. We all agreed that we have to actually plan time together next time around! ( I love this picture)

As David and I were deciding about this last minute get away the song came on the radio it said "you only get just one time around" I was moved to tears thinking of our dear brother who didn't get so much time here or with his baby girl, God has blessed us against all human odds to have 4 kids and we don't want to miss a single chance to be with them. Sharing time with Tim and Cheryl ,people who I try to copy how they have raised their kids as Godly servant of Christ, cemented just that! They were on their last trip together before one of their sons gets married and she just kept telling me "enjoy your time together, don't let it slip by, we loved every step of life with them" and you could tell it was true by the way there grown boys still bursted with excitement to be there with them. In less than 2 years my brix will be in H.S. and the days of picking up and leaving 3 days later will be gone so for now while God gives us today we will not live to regret it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

for our family and Disney fans

for an assignment sky had to write a cinguain poem i loved it so much I had to post it
smooth frozen treat
found in adventure land
my favorite pineapple snack
Dole Whip

Thursday, March 19, 2009

whats happening at Livvys day care ...

i haven't updated you lately on what livvys day care has been up to so here are some pic's.
Today was fire safety, I know she says she wants to grow up to be what Brooke is but she seems to be a natural teacher. Maybe a Sunday school teacher?
this was tea party day where they all dressed fancy, I love when gray wears his chee pow he is so cute and I love that he chose this for his fancy outfit

what a great day working on table manners

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

saying so long to Chris and Abbie

the next time we see them B will be a in high school, ugh I must say I am not the greatest with over seas missions well really with
saying good bye
man their luggage must be heavy

oh well that explains it! actually this entertained them for a long time and I bet Chris' back hasn't been the same since. we love you guys so much and know God has an awesome plan for your next 2 years.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

a little update on me

for all my interested readers, my hip pain seems to slowly be getting better. The procedure pain I had from a month ago seems to have left-YES!! As well as I have been getting massages every 2 weeks and the girl who does them has been taking special classes just for me in a certain type of massage which is so nice of her and so far it really has worked! when I left there this week my hips felt even, sounds weird I know but think of how having uneven hips would make you feel. Anyway to make this go on and on the last 2 days I have felt almost like a regular person and even was able to do 2 loads of laundry to help David out which is really huge for me! but 2 things a day is all I can handle right now but I am thrilled to do 2x as much as I could 2 months ago. God is continuing to show our family how to rely on him when everything we do is just so hard.As my pastor and friend says "Jesus is enough", even Jesus and a healthy body doesn't make Jesus any better than he already is. so for this time while he chooses to let me hurt all we can do is remember that He is enough.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

winterfest '09

what we have come for

anyone need a stick?

the boys made a shelter in the woods, cool
this is the tubing section now that is B jumping on as they go down the hill, Mark R would have been so proud! and yes this must be fun because they did it over and over and...
the leader of the pack
now this a little out of order but they have awesome tubing hills there and new this year is one with a jump that the camp built (safer). This is liv going down the jump, don't need to say but she was their youngest jumper, YIKES!

all except Gray and I jumped
oh yes KB jumped to, the first girl in fact here is a pic of her cracked and crumpled up helmet, thank God she had that helmet and walked away unhurt!
this is what a day of hat head looks like
the sessions, bite a, bite a friend bite a friend next to ya,
note the screen saver on the power point, nice.

broom ball

his own sport
oh boy

we didn't win the tournament but we looked good
the camp Zamboni

liv is just one of the girls
what next? ugh.