Wednesday, August 1, 2012

                                                   some late night tv, 7 on the couch!

wisconsin state fair

                                             the red neck in me LOVES the smash up derby!!
           see how close we are? it was really cool, and stinky, being so close we actually felt the crashes

have you ever wondered...

                                                      where a big family orders their pizza from?
                                                        30" pizza for $31 can not be beat!
just make sure you can fit the box in your car ! if you live in the city Bacci is at Milwaukee & montrose, you can order just a slice and it comes on a tray rather than a plate to accommodate the size of the slice. check it out!

new fun with old friends

                                       God is so good bringing old friends back in to our paths
                                      and what a huge blessing to hear our kids laughing together
                                             so much has happened but so little has changed

                                          celebrating B's return from our church high school trip!

these never got posted from way before. not sure why but here they are

    national lumber jack day 

 adeline and livy after camp

some things do go as planned

 Another big day in our house, Sky is officially a Fenwick high school student! here are he and B looking over his schedule, which thankfully is the same one B his 1st year. Fenwick is an awesome school and more and more I see that we take it for granted. How you say? Fenwick has a rule that you must live with in 40 miles of school. Seems just like another rule right? believe it or not people will actually travel 40 miles 1 way to come to Fenwick everyday. Yep, 1 guy sky met already travels from gurnee and is on the swim team which means practices! another burr ridge, bowling brook,plainfield it's crazy. So lately it has hit me how blessed we are to get into a school with only 300 kids per grade from every town with in 40 miles. I said the same thing when B got in that this is one of the few things we actually planned for our family  years and years ago that actually worked out. Think of all the plans, goals, ideas we had when we first got married 18 years ago and how much actually happened? here are the only ones I can think of... I would be a stay at home mom (yeah), we would stay committed to Bethel church, and our boys would go to Fenwick (girls were not allowed back then). Not very many hua? I always say if you want to give God a good laugh tell Him your plans for your future. This plan did work out but only because He wanted it to, everything else? Well a nice conversation is all they turned out to be.

celebrating the fourth of July with family

                                           so sweet, G is helping S get a bandage for his owie

                                                        this must be from the Rill side
                                                          super duper sleep over!

better late than never...and horribly out of order...oh well

                                           liv turns 10! for her day she chose a day in the city
                                                                 everything pink

                                                            daddy's baby girl

                                                                  her own vera!
she planned a wonderful day of fun. only one left in single digits I can hardly believe it my babies are getting so big! boo hoo Love you livs happy birthday!