Friday, April 23, 2010

go go Jonah

liv is the only rill in the ark this year but she represented us well. This play she had a solo
and a dance she did fantastic
she wanted her hair like Isa's this was a close as I could get
liv even had her own cheering section

as an ark alum we were happy that kyle come come to watch a play he had done as a kid. I can always count on great pictures from K and liv,they certainly look like cousins
scrabble lesson with uncle gladdy and frank

yet another surprise from gray these are the times that make all those insane days worth it

random fun

David went in to look at liv in bed he came out and said "liv looks like Brett Michaels" so I had to go look, I guess the 80s are coming back
don't know why this is upside down but found G sleeping like this one night

I love baby A in this one she looks like a doll
no caption needed
this was livs first real hair cut last week

the girls cute haircuts by Maggie

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grays cubbie verse

Serve the LORD with Gladys.(gladness)
Gladys is our neighbor sadly she doesn't serve the LORD yet
he sure can bring a smile to your face.

shawn and suz day

the boys and mom went to the choo choo restaurant and the park
I wonder if this is why they don't have metal garbage cans anymore . I can't decide if he is like a lumberjack or a circus clown either way he is way more skilled than I am

the girls did crafts
watching shawns videos, still true I love the body of Christ

Monday, April 19, 2010

he sure does make me laugh

of all the times I feel Gray is making my blood pressure rise he sure does make us laugh out loud... with a spoon in his hand "mom the sauce you made isn't really tasty" "honey that's because it's flour and water for the gravy" am I that bad of a cook that he thinks a cereal bowl full of white paste could be a yummy sauce? oh you got to love him

our Easter

we celebrated as a family this year the resurrection of Jesus

ate ribs, also for B's bday

and enjoyed the weather God gave us, I would imagine this is the kind of day God sent for the first resurrection day

we found a park local to the hotel
and had our egg hunt there it was a blast

went back to the hotel we won at a charity benefit. the weekend was excellent God is so good.

my baby is 14

off and running
we headed to bass pro shop
who knew the day before Easter bass pro shop has crafts, an easter bunny
and an easter egg hunt it was fun they hid eggs in the merchandise through out the store, actually sadly this was mei's first egg hunt

we ended at a hotel and only pretended to blow out the candles since we weren't sure about the smoke detectors. Happy happy birthday our boy!

springbreak at the beach

one of my favorite things about living in chicago is that we have beaches
we brought our own fun too

39 years of being together our kids are just getting started
we ended with an old fashioned picnic on the stoop, ah good times

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the best day of the year

what did I do on my birthday? I woke up thinking flowers so we went to the beautiful Garfield park

and Mexican for lunch, I really love guacamole
since it's Wed. we headed to church and went early so the littles got to scooter
tulips from baby A, she knows just what I like
I have had more birthdays with Dave than without, what a super blessing
I borrowed my birthday crown to the soon to be 5 mo old
the birthday girls
after church we all went out for free pie Wed.
we took up 3 tables
it was a great birthday party
when we came home I finished opening the rest of my gifts, as you can see I ended up with a few boxes of peeps, oh yeah