Thursday, June 30, 2011

"we are so blessed"

liv walked in the house today from playing outside with the neighbor smiling from ear to ear.
"what?" I said. "I love having so many people to play with all the time, Jr. has no brother or sister, we are sooo blessed" If that doesn't fill a moms heart with praise ...

A BIG BIG day for G!

we flooded last year July and G's mattress was one of the things to be put in the trash. He has been bedless and sleeping here and there all year "poor guy" you are saying I know. Well I am happy to say he has a permanent bed now. One that can not fall subject to basement water! we surprised him telling him he can pick out any sheets and blanket he wanted for his new bed and he went crazy in excitement. You see here what he picked out. in fact when I took this picture I showed it to him and he said "mom you didn't even get Mario"

so here is the next photo

3 of my babies all together. I love to think of the late night chit chat that will be had in this room

B went in to check on G and with his whole new bed he is snuggled up in the corner. I love when I see my kids this happy!

liv turns 9 in vermont

enjoying her new bike seat

this cloud had a rainbow on it really cool, we figured that was good birthday luck

this is g's "joker" face... hum, ok?

a jump in a pool (not our pool) with your clothes on is always fun

we took the gondola to the highest peak in VT. it was 54 degrees up there burr

...and many more!