Monday, January 27, 2014

My sons will be great dads...

How do I know? On Saturday David and I had a fireman's banquet that lasted 5 hours and our babysitters went above the norm. Taking 4 kids out of the house to play and eat and then put them to bed. Do you know many 17 & 15 year olds ready to tackle 4 kids for a long night? Mine are the best!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ever wonder...

...what the lonely sock bin looks like for a family of 7 well here it is. Mei is the courageous one who will tackle the brown foot stool PACKED with lonely socks. We all profit from her work, thanks mei mei!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Recruiting trip #2...

Yesterday and today B went to visit Loyola University. B has always had the dream to follow in David's foot steps and run at Loyola U. And they treated him very well there and he loved it!  2 more schools to visit and we are not closing any doors just yet so we will be in much prayer asking God for guidance on this huge choice. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Oh yea,I also am diabetic...

As if my hip pain were not enough don't forget I still am also a diabetic. Tonight in night church my sugar went very low   So much so the last thing I remember is the end of the sermon- ugh. Come on really this too. Thanks to my world class husband and kids for feeding me out of it. He said I got very mean so if I was mean to anyone after church I'm sorry, I wasn't myself. 

Our favorite snowman...

So our house is in love with disneys movie frozen! It is fantastic and you might guess who our favorite character is in the movie. Our pal Olaf was here for a visit. 

First college step for us

I can hardly believe it myself- our son has begun his last semester at Fenwick high school. Today he had the wonderful blessing of taking his first college recruiting trip. " just enjoy it all, very few get to do this" David told him before he left. He is right. I have only heard of these trips ,not having a sporty bone in my body. We are just praising God that He has given B David's running talent. And what a great thing to have colleges call you ( and offering $) to come to their school, we are really taking it all in. It certainly has made the idea of college come much easier to me. although come September I am sure I will be crying my eyes red letting him go. BUT for today we enjoy D1 recruiting trips , pure joy!

Hello again!

Yes it is true, therills2 is back! For a few good reasons but mostly because I can post from my phone. I rarely get on a computer anymore because it means sitting. But my phone I can use laying down- score for us all. May You always "hear" the name of Jesus praised on our blog and God be honored by our words found here. And so begins the start up of post #1 of 2014.