Friday, October 29, 2010

pre -holloween fun

I am so happy this is the most family in sparkies that I have ever had,being laid up makes me be able to pay attention to whats really important ie my own sparkies here to learn more about Gods love


sunday, sunday, sunday

let me tell you that sky has become quite a babysitter all kids love sky
as you can see Baby A loves him
and loves to share her food too what a brave boy to taste a slobbery baby snack
more family comes home! here is susie and randy in the first picture with Mei
it didn't take long for her to love them. she especially loved the fact that grandma Be and grandpa Reg "adopted " her in to our family
and then we went home for some pumpkin action notice he rubber gloves a new addition this year worked great

silly guys
all done
hooray this picture worked

another great saturday

the weather was ugly but that didn't stop B's cheering section

oh yeah, don't mess with the shield. 10 more years maybe we will have little A wearing the shield, uncle dave can only hope!

finally i was able to get B in a picture
and then what better than a trip to the fire house?

I don't think uncle dave will want her doing this in 20 years... he doesn't want any of his girls being firefighters.
such a cute picture, can you say that about a 12 year old boy?
they got a call a call so we got to see the lights and sirens in action what a fun ending

Saturday, October 16, 2010

such an awesome day I have to post right away

our family has come home
they had a large welcome party
she was so happy to see livvy
a party at the mattsons was a wonderful time
her uncle from Kansas even got to be there which was so great
a little fooseball with B

buddies together again
this is what pure joy looks like
we could not be happier to have them in our arms again!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

once again B had the biggest cheering section

team B lookin good
the guys were digging for worms
races are much more fun when buddies come too
one of our friends ran today so fun
B and the some crazy coaches

grandma and grandpa rill even came out just like the old days
as well as our youth pastor but we just call him shawn and he's the bomb dilly

we had to fenwick baby A up with livs headband, very 80s!
cousins cousins we love cousins
now that's a fenwick fan!
c-dog also came in black and white oh yeah
liv always love when G&G come because they both love to snuggle with her, kinda looks like a diet coke commercial
B ended up running great and I'm sure it was his cheering section!

a day with baby A

there was certainly no need for mike to bring over any of her toys
we were trying to find any toy she could walk with

looks like she's following in nanny livvys footsteps already