Thursday, December 30, 2010

big yooper fun

more friends arrive
skiing is a big thrill up here for the city kids

the Jr. biathlon

it began to rain today, sad, so we had cabin time with our buds

so if liv is our super nanny, mei is our ultimate big sister
this year an added bonus is that the kids have their own table. If it seems we are having a BLAST you would be right

yesterdays news

livvy and lauren M. best buds
this year they have supplies out to knit scarfs for kids in town without warm cloths. very many people learned how to knit this week
our broom ball team. go Jesus freaks!
my buddy J, he is so easy to take pictures of

cousin time!
we had baby C for dinner tonight
this is a sweet perk of camp- family and friends...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a glimps of Christmas camp 2010

so a few weeks ago Mei asked "mama am I Norwegian to since you are?" to which I naturally replied yep!
another first- ice fishing
these guys got the shanty

the massive snowball fight!

the beginning of the week began with jumbo cranium game I'm almost sure the rill team won

Thursday, December 16, 2010

so I wonder, when you shop for your tree do you find you son under the stack of trees or am I the only one?

was he looking for the perfect tree?
there she is our perfect tree.. this year

I have no idea who took this one of from where

almost everything in this house is entertainment
yes this is how I "decorated" the tree yippee

thanks to a Rill tradition B made his famous fudge and it was 90% gone before the end of the night. what a tasty tradition decorate tree=fudge!
David and I are both moving slow this season. Me, well I'm always moving slow. D because of a knee surgery. BUT the beauty of it is that we are taking it easy just loving the season. No hectic schedule, not much actually needs to get done so we are spending a ton of Christmas family fun together. I was actually thinking what a blessing it has been to have both of us down at just the right time to be sure us Rills remember why we celebrate Christmas anyway.

as long as I'm bragging...another son following in his dad's foot steps.

last Sunday was the fenwick cross country banquet, it was my 7th time going to it. However this year I had a little more interest! My boy was getting awards, and wow he was well awarded for his season! B walked away with his freshman numerals, sophomore letter and a varsity letter having competed on all levels this year. He also was voted by all 3 coaches as the JV MVP. Can you even believe it? I tell you what if I wasn't the coaches wife I would have been standing on the chair yelling hooray! To hear David standing there telling what a great season "this runner" had could not have been better what an honor for David. I'll say it even again to use the word proud is an understatement. God has so blessed us with these awesome boys. Awards or not I think he's really great.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

proud is an understatement

My boy sky made is debut tonight playing his guitar during worship tonight. I wasn't really ready for how good he was. Hearing him here at home is great but to see and hear him up there playing, beside his dad, so awesome, and Jeff and frank two other Godly men. A real band, people singing to my sons music, him sounding so good. I think taking the pictures kept me from crying. I was standing there next to the great man who taught him to play the guitar so blessed by the unity at church. A boy buys a guitar, never played before, his cousin lets him strum and peaks his interest, one leader offers to give him lessons, then a short few months later another leader says "your great want to play worship on Wednesday?" A plug for myself and Dave, we were all of those boys leaders in high school, I love the body of Christ working together to teach the young to grow up and teach others to worship and serve God. which leads us to this great night. seeing him up there and playing worship songs to our God, like I said proud is an understatement, I wanted to shout "yeah that's my boy!"
if you could see the whole stage in this picture you would see things just as they should be, 4 generations learning from each other and serving God side by side. God is so great!

Ark christmas 2010

this year I had 2 girls in ark. liv and mei performed this past Wed. and Sun. and did an awesome job.
another first for mei

a first for Ari too. I love seeing them together. Sunday night we had 3 girls from China at church and I was really over- come thinking about the new life they have been given, sitting in a church, in the USA able to be what ever God has in store for them, it's almost to impossible to believe when you sit and think what could have been...

my baby is 6...

excited for sticky buns, yum
and a day at the bowling alley.
he loves this little cooking show on tv so we gave him the proper cooking garb

so birthdays are a really big deal at our house, so gray got to choose the activity's. which included bowling of coarse- fun, pizza hut for lunch. then to Disney store and target, now keep in mind his birthday fell on black Friday this year, ya fun. home for play time and dinner at an all you can eat buffet. so I guess i should be thankful he is easy to please. it just cracks me up that his perfect day, in Chicago included mostly everything we do all the time, with the exception of bowling that is a special treat. and the buffet, ugh no we don't do that I don't know why the kids like it. ANYWAY it was fun and all gray all day. God had great confidence in us when he gave us G. He is just so Gray, and we are loving the uniqueness of him, he is fun, so Witty, brilliant, he can snuggle with you one minute and be karate chopping you the next! it has always been our prayer that he would give his whole life to God because with his, Grayness everyone will hear about Jesus. I am in love with this boy and wait everyday what he is going to come up with next!