Wednesday, July 29, 2009

some exciting news in the up

do you notice what's missing? yep that staggely tooth that's been hagin on and on finaly came out today!!! people are telling her that the tooth fairy pays double in the UP, oh boy,
and the little climber finally is big enough to go on the track and trail, oh yeah!
Now I really did sign on to fully update here however this interline is soooooo sloooowwww it took me 35 minutes to put up these two pictures so just keep looking at them over and over. we are having fun but it is passing way to fast. tomorrow is our last day we leave after dinner. My stomach has begun churning with anticipation for all that will happen in these next few short days. Praise God for my level headed husband who is so good at calming me down and reminding me this is Gods timing and everything will turn out how he has already planned long ago. ugh he is so good like that. Who knows when the next update will be? USA? or CHINA?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

week 1

Well our first week up north is done and we are all moved in to camp now. God gave our family exactly what we needed! We had nothing but each other playing, laughing, praying, chatting with biking,swimming, fishing and BB gun fights thrown in. Even when there was rain we found fun together. You know how sometimes your dreams of how it is supposed to be are dangerous because there is no way it can really be that great? well this week out did my expectations that's how perfect it was. and so the last week together as a family of 6 has closed and we have this week of camp separated from the boys, we look forward to more great things as we move days closer to the bigger and better Rill family.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

God's blessing just never stops, here is proof

Friday the 10th we had our auction to help bring home Mei

as always my family was there to help prepare
we had adult and kids auction item. This is was Caleb wanted and luckily won!

we has all ages represented
we also sold raffle tickets for kids and adult prizes. this is the kids table it was a big hit ,I wish we had more for the kids so everyone could have won something

grown up auction we had a little bit of everything thanks to peoples generous donations

we also had a live action about every 20 minutes which my uncle galddy made very exciting

Brooke won Abbie's handmade quilt all the way from Japan (I am so glad it stayed in the family because I really wanted it but thought it wouldn't be right to bid on anything)

we had alot of fun and fellowship

some live auction prizes. Sara pemberton made our dessert cakes (the big map on the first picture) as well as donated this beautiful cake to be auctioned. she is a cake wiz

the children also colored a large banner to hang and welcome Mei lynn home

a wonderful bonus the condap girls came in for the fun

Kira and Liv hard at work displaying a soup of the month for a year made by aunt lynn which turned out to be our highest bidded item

the boys friends even joined in which is one of the things I love about Bethel all ages mixing at the same event. I also love that their best friends are at church.

I included this one for Colby, my jr. higher taking dressing tips from you I think, no worries could be worse

as I always say and never get tired of saying I love the body of Christ they are there when you need them. we raised an astonishing amount of money God certainly did an awesome work that night. We still have a few things going on ,check out Mei's link for the continued offers like hand made head bands made by a friend of Erin's who will donate $ every time someone buys and mentions Mei lynn, which is awesome the B.O.C. even works from miles away(who we have never even met). we will be leaving soon for camp and China on the 31st and aren't to sure on Internet access in either place. I hope to be able to update if nothing else I will relay it to Wendy and have her update here. Thanks to all who participated that night it truly was one of the biggest blessings we have ever received and remember that your donation will not only change Mei lynns physical life but LORD willing her eternal life as well, continuing to pray for that, and so much more. Thanks Tammy and David

Thursday, July 2, 2009

If you had troubles with the auction link try again I think we fixed it!

we're on our way Mei lynn!

We are praising God because today we confirmed our actual travel dates to get our girl. we will pick her up on Aug.3rd (which is Aug.2nd here). We have seen continues blessings alone this journey but today we saw a great one. Our friend and language teacher gave us the name of her travel agent she uses to travel to China and she found us excellent fares, $2000. LESS than we had expected to spend. Because of that we have decided to take Brixton along with us. If you didn't know all along he was ready to travel with me if David was unable to. He has been such a good sport and always a help to me that we asked him if he would like to actually use his passport and visa and come with us. He agreed. Another praise is that Wendy is still on summer break and will be having tons of fun here with the 3 other kids back here at home, God is good. Something else cool is that in our travel group there is a family from Valparaiso IN adopting an 8 year girl also, again God is just the best. Forgive us for neglecting most everything lately this really has been a crazy time for us. My head is spinning with lists as well as trying to remember the new language we are learning. Really I don't see anything slowing down until she gets back and we stay in and let her just adjust to being a Rill but yeah right who I am kidding it probably won't be any better I,ll have 5 kids then! Thanks for your patience and prayers we need them!