Monday, November 29, 2010

our thanksgiving 2010

we were back at grandmas this year with the smallest table ever, the noise level however seemed just like normal
i think it has to do with the amount of teenagers we have now
B &A stopped over for dessert
which was awesome! for the second year we have had a mini party for gray on thanksgiving. he thought it was great and so far doesn't mind that his birthday is on a holiday
no I did not make the cake- a girl from church does them and G was excited to get a deluxe cake again. I figured since his birthday is at a crazy time of year he needs a special treat for it
the only other thing he wanted was a pinata which we did in grandmas living room so she could watch it was a blast

gram did mention "we would have never allowed this with our own kids" but giggled and loved every minute
after many hits it still wasn't cracked so Josh got on the job and took care of things
and left just enough so the birthday boy could finish it off

we all agreed that great grandchildren defiantly get way more slack, even gram agreed
(stupid blogger) it was totally great having colby home!
the loot
and them time for dessert. I think we all know how much he enjoyed this!
and the gifts, a buddy and a blanket can it be any more gray?
one guess who picked this out for G, if you have a hunch its probably correct- go bears!

fun in chicago

this ones for the out of towners, Wrigley transformed for northwestern football it was really fun to see everything in purple.
and the "great tree" a pre-thanksgiving tradition for us
everyone got to make a wish
even big boys get wishes

its a music theme this year and they conductors baton lights up it was fun.
when I ask for a family picture this is what I get
once in a while I get this. thanks to herb and mer for starting this family tradition.

an early Christmas gift

we took all the kids to the winter wonder slam with Toby Mac and Skillet, the little kids first concert.

ready to rock!

these are 2 of our families favorite bands and I love that me & D are not to old that we don't still love our kids music, even the loud stuff!

I'm quite sure she didn't learn to "put your fists in the air" in China. it was so fun to watch all the kids jam

well believe it or not gray did fall asleep during the concert, I guess he's still to young. yes they did wear ear plugs I am still a responsible mom. but Friday night concerts do go a bit late.

Skillet has a violinist which is very cool and we were able to see him after. evidently mei played the violin some in China and was playing an air violin rocken with Jonathan here. I wanted to ask him what his folks think of all those lessons ending up here but I didn't have the guts. it was cool to that all the bands made it clear who they rock for and it was great to know my kids heard that!

a wonderful day for a wonderful man

it began with everyone staying at camp having our traditional "chuck brunch" and naturally we started the meal with a grace camp style, the iron man for those of you who know-chris & abbie

then on to chuck and Jane's church
it was beautiful, chuck would have been embarrassed by it all I think not being the upfront type of guy but today was all about him and the God he served
and we capped it off with what I think was the best time, worship camp style in the tab
there was singing, dancing, sharing & remembering
now this is more chucks style, this I know he would have loved a party for him it was perfect!
the next time we go to camp it will not be the same a piece will be missing. the "rhythm "of the camp will be off. things will look familiar but a bit of love will be gone. I John 5 tells us- we know for certain that the son of God has come and has giving us understanding so we can be certain of the truth. Chuck knew and lived the truth of Jesus his cross changed everything. If you read this and aren't certain of the truth please let us explain it to you it's what chuck would have wanted.

keeping busy helping out

being at camp and helping was so comforting to all of us
everyone had a job to do

getting ready for the "Chuck brunch" and the funeral lunch at camp
liv did her best work right here. she also took care of the babies during the service at church which was a real blessing to the moms there
everyone loves Dave I always say. she was laughing she just did the dear in head lights thing for the picture
everyone needs a little fun too. pass up a wrestling match with Colby? no way!
after it was all said and done so many people thanked and even praised us for the work , I was perplexed of course we would help it's why we are here its what you do. David reminded me that our family is not the norm, Reggie taught us you just jump in with 2 feet when someone needs help. there was a lot of work to be done there at camp and we are so happy we got to come early because many hands make light work and we bring 14 of them. As I think back on it even my 5 year old helping I am so thankful for the blessing we have in our godly heritage we live out and praise God even Reggie's great grand kids are following his example, God gave us hands and feet let's use them!