Tuesday, August 24, 2010

who can believe this? NOT ME!

my baby is a high schooler
we had always planned on him going to Fenwick like his dad but today it is really here
I am not doing to well with this new adventure yet. I'm really not a big fan of change to begin with
Dave's not taking it as hard as me and he gets to have him everyday after school for practice ,lucky!

Monday, August 23, 2010

a visit to our favorite football player

sad to see him like this no hitting hard this season
everyone loved our little buddy we are watching

take note the size of Josh's jersey on liv, he is so huge
they even got out his pads and helmet
could this be any cuter? don't think so!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


a wonderful treat for liv was that baby A was up there too seeing her new cousin. She couldn't be happier!
ever hear of the perfect gift?
hooray we get to see all kinds of cousins here
as is almost usual for us we had 2 extra kids with us as you can see she fits right under that "big brother" arm
cousins cousins, we brought up T with us who was a camper with the boys
sadly these pic's are out of order so read along- here is grays berry recipe which he planned on sharing with everyone but it was so good, he didn't
-favorite picture of the week-
here are the berry pickers yummy
when he thought he had enough for his recipe he walked over to show. yep another cousin, his berries
if I had a nickle every time...
cousins galore!
tarzan swing - this is such a gray picture, who else would be doing these tricks?
another first for mei
so there was this life guard who went off duty but didn't want to get wet swimming in so who did he call upon? cousins
the only thing better than 1 baby is 2
we had wonderful cooks
hangin on the beach
we got a special visit with the island campers when they came to the mainland to swim

a warm welcome back, after a shower
a brave heart moment captured
aaargg pirates

after a few days past, even more cousins came to the U P
here was a wonderful friend day

surprise! more rills up north
you can't tell from the picture but we are at a rodeo, yee haw it was great!

vbs 2010

This year our theme at Bible school was fire fighters, love it. I only have a few pictures because I couldn't walk much
every year we do a change drive for missionaries and if we get enough weight ...

the firemen got a pie in the face.