Tuesday, May 31, 2011

another kid in double digits

mei turns 10 and as last year we spent it at millennium park
after a while we walked over to "bucking bull" fountain

since it was so windy I knew that on the hour the kids would be in for a surprise!

I love bringing my kids to things that I grew up doing! none of them, even David, had never done this before they danced in the spray the full 20 minutes. we ALL ended up soaked. It was just as fun today as it was 35 years ago with uncle Gladdy.

we came home to find more fun

what a perfect last picture for my china girl!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

found these on my camera today

he makes me nuts but I am crazy in love with this guy.

fun times

so I walked in on G eating lunch. what a health nut

we have a lot of dance parties at our house. we even have live music, dancin to skillet here
a visit to the fire house a little exercise

some camp games

not sure if his minds in to the game

and KB comes to play. pogo sticks are all the rage at our house

he's so tricky

really G? where does he come up with them? I tell you I laugh every time I see this