Saturday, February 25, 2012

working on the house

uncle Al taught his nieces well!
work getting done
I'm happy to see this shirt covered with paint hopefully it will be taken out of the rotation

these two are all play

check us out dad and B!

a late night shamrock shake run (instead of soccer which apparently you need a right and a left gym shoe to play(

J is my best bud since I have 2 ipods! double the angry birds
here are the 3 mega sledding kids. tricks a plenty!

page 1, ill try to do more at dinner, love you guys! xoxo

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a taste of fun in the U P

this picture turned out so over exposed kinda cool
I love when she wears the buff like this, my 80's girl

had awesome time with our cousins!

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A big weekend for our family, we have another driver behind the wheel now
fun with friends too

the up north air runs through our blood. The polluted Chicago air is quickly making us long for the north more and more. (I obviously am not speaking of actual air quality)

random things from 2012