Wednesday, March 24, 2010

welcome to paradise chris

we went to the zoo, very chicago
and to one of our favorite parks

home for football fun we even had a cheer leader

notice liv got her cast off, she convinced the dr. to let her have a removable cast
liv did a few self portraits

what a professional

Saturday, March 20, 2010

awana games day

we were a little worried this year since uncle Gladdy left his team for the beach. we had fine coaches step up,

wendy and B led our team to victory as you notice we had 25% of the team in our family

even Gray got to get in on the win since the team was short awesome players
mei was very excited she kept saying "it's my first time I win 1st I am like olympics for America"
liv who evidently was the captain took charge of holding the trophy
3 hours later we sat down to watch the next batch of athletes, sky and T
I know this picture is dark but it is a great action shot of sky running the sprint relay
and the 3 legged race with Joseph, did you know I ran this race once with the girl who would end up being my sister-in-law, yep true story
so after about 5 hours the little kids,and the grown up ones, started getting restless and we did our favorite jumping pictures with Grays friends
this is Kate she is one of our favorites
sky,Isabelle, and T-bone. Isa is kates sister and they are from another large family that we love to have fun with so you will see them all over our blog
the boys did not win but did a great job and scored many sportsmanship points
sadly after 5 1/2 hours everyone was itching to get out of there so sky and T's pictures after the games are few but we got the best one, sky and his #1 girl
we are a family of traditions and one of our yummiest is billy boys after awana games for delicious ribs with great family and friends
a wonderful thing i love about about Bethel is seeing our kids grow up together gray loves B's friend cody

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

praise praise praise

I went to the eye Dr. today, who by the way is my cousin and my favorite Dr. to visit. For a diabetic looking in to the eyes will tell signs of damage done by the disease. After being a diabetic for 25 years how do my eyes look? Dr. K said " you are my poster child for diabetics " YES!!! my retna has remained unchanged which is so great. I am thankful this medical issue is under control it really is a huge praise!

Monday, March 15, 2010

mei's dedication

It is actually our dedication to raise her in a Godly home
what a privilege to have our pastor and great friend who has known us years before we even had kids
another bonus having our favorite band sing Mei's favorite song, Mighty to save. which is really amazing that this is the song she has picked,
Savior He can move the mountains
my God is mighty to save He is mighty to save
What a perfect song for her since I feel like just getting her in our family was like moving a mountain thank God he is mighty!

"I wouldn't miss it" Rachel said. Mei calls her "our Rachel" as opposed to any other Rachel I guess
a good lookin table I say
when liv broke her arm one of her first texts was to Brooke to tell her "this won't stop me from holding baby A" as we can surly see
it was a family party, family to us doesn't only include blood, God has certainly blessed us with the greatest "family" the body of Christ is the best
hum here are the pinks.One week ago neither of them had a cast on, who can believe it?
liv was the first to sign Ari's cast I am sure hers will look like livs soon, although signing someones foot isn't as easy as an arm
my mom would have loved this night having another one of her "grandbabies", dedicated this makes 12 for her. Here at the table is someone she loved very much and someone she sure would have I'm certain about that.
could this get any cuter? love these boys
love the girls too
we got some kind of scrapbook pages when we got mei here they are looking at them in her book. One day we will get them translated

everyone who was there we pray will help lead Mei to the love of Jesus but we also had lots of family missing and some way to far away to come, Esther,little A, Abbie, Chris and Jenny how I wish you could have been here tonight. we love you all and know your prayers for mei are mighty too.

random fun

last week we went to a diabetic benefit and lovie smith was the guest speaker. We stood in line to get an autograph from lovie for sky so when we got up there I asked for a picture with "the real celebrity" saying that I know it's the woman behind the man that makes him great to which people cheered and Lovie agreed with a huge smile. It was fun.
livvys crazy hat night

her favorite butterfly

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

did you ever wonder...

what a family of 7 grocery cart looks like and this is with only 1 teenager in the house.

Yes it's true another broken arm for the Rills

the short explanation, there is a break where the bone grows, bad, and we won't know how deep it is until her bones actually grow. Since she can pin point the exact spot and that spot isn't a good one this is the reason the Dr. isn't thrilled. We see him again in 2 weeks
sad but they had pink!
and liv had the cast nurse sign it first, kinda cute
as you can see she already has a few spots taken already B took the liberty doing a John Hancock right on the front you know since "he knows what having a broken arm is like". All in all we are doing fine and God is continuing to keep our family in His hands thankfully His is not the kind that will ever need a cast!