Wednesday, January 13, 2010

with the 8 inches of snow Mt. Melrose has re-opened

I can't get out to take to many pictures outside so ones from the door way will have to do! Mt. Melrose is always a favorite, even for our neighbors!

good bye to great friends

the last good bye picture we took like this we didn't even know there would be an addition this year. so naturally we needed an updated version, not that I ever need an excuse to take another picture.
this time we were able to get it on the fun too. love you guys so much and can't wait to see you again in June!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

so how am I?

Its every ones first question so here is an update on my hip/back. well I am better than I was 1 year ago! I do ok daily and hardly have to use the walking stick to walk however i still can not do many house hold things or go out without David very often. I am so thankful God gave me a husband who takes his "in sickness and in health" promise seriously. He does everything, all the laundry,cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, managing the kids and our home really.On top of work(s) and church It is only Gods energy that lets him keep it all up. we stay home 90% of the time now as you can tell by our blog since I "pay" for most anything else we do outside. At home I can do about 1 meal a week. I try and help pick up the house and can put away laundry if the basket is brought to me. In the past week almost every night I have been able to put the little kids to bed.I still take about 2 or 3 lay downs a day as sitting is still very painful for me. Thank God I have been able to go to both Sunday services the last 4 weeks which is so great it's very hard to stay home while the rest of your family goes. The snow and ice does add more hardships but to see how much the kids love it keeps me smiling. I did have a spine injection the day before Christmas which is probably why I have been so much better these last couple weeks. I'm talking to the Dr. tomorrow to discus things and to see what if anything he wants to do next. Life is hard, we have no idea why God allows this but for now we are hanging on to Him and each other just taking one day at a time using our precious energy on only the things that are important it is all we can do and for now it's working. Keep praying I'm not ready to be taken off the prayer list yet!T

Monday, January 4, 2010

"camp is my favorite place to be" mei

who would have guessed it? 1 year ago she had never seen snow, this year she is skiing, sledding, having snow ball fights... and loving every minute of it!

building snow forts
she put those skis on and took off and skied all over camp
cousin fun

we watched the broom ball from up in the "sky deck"
except for the championship game me and jackson went down to see our team take the trophy for the 3rd year in a row, yeah Jesus freaks!
some of our favorite camp things,Chuck and pizza no surprise liv is right there
mei was really happy to have courtney there, I do think its a little confusing to her still that every time we come back there are different people here. she was sad when she found out the whole family wouldn't be there this time so the Stroms were a welcome sight.
a little snow volley ball

sledding every spare moment

I really like this one it's so U P

some ice bowling

these are the biathlon participates. The winner you ask? my man #1 oh yeah it was a winning week for the rills. No picture but we also had a kids biathlon and Gray was the first to cross the finish line. That was really fun for the kids good idea kyle.

roller skating musical chairs a camp bonus

the #1 Jesus freak team, once again
this was cute, her first time real bowling. She used to be a little embarrassed when we would tell people about her so we told her it's because everyone is excited that you are here and what to hear how you love our family. So when we were at the bowling alley she said "mama tell the bowling man it's my first time bowling I'm from China" so as we turned in our shoes I told the bowling man and felt confirmation that she is no longer embarrassed people know she is from China.
I don't have many pic's of the boys so I included this one

same hats
blogger has a mind of its own and it decided this pic would not be turned. YES it is true she did polar bear! It is a last day of the year tradition and with NO coaxing she put her suit on with her snow pants over with the other kids (who did it too) and headed down to the lake non need to say another first.
we got back to the cabin just before midnight in time to welcome 2010 with our family and friends the way we always do with smarties and poppers, Happy New Year!

a great start to the new year a group picture. before camp new year was kind of a bummer you stood on your porch banging pots and pans kissed each other and well went to bed feeling less than excited but since we have celebrated at camp they have been the most fun new years we have ever had! Truly a wonderful beginning to the new year!

a quick look at our Christmas...

it began the same as it always does, pictures sticky buns and a wrapping paper role war

we certainly are a family of traditions, which I love, here are a few beginning with the family picture in front of the tree
the 2009 family additions with great grandma. Mei is very proud to be "a 2009"
another tradition singing together to worship our savior

Christmas pjs
waffles and stockings with grandma
Rill family Christmas

one of those funny Christmas mix ups- really would leslie and frank think liv would wear a black Rock shirt? the Chinese umbrella was a much better fit, love moments like these!