Wednesday, December 23, 2009

grays first hit

The Lourias gave G his first guitar for his birthday and as you know brooke gave gray a hippo the day he was born. It became his best buddy and has ended up being the subject of his first hit give it a listen.

Christmas has brought some of our favorite people home

pure joy just being together
gray waited no time showing abbie and chris his new shoes

what a great day seeing people we love so much, welcome home friends!

we have been doing a lot this month, blogging isn't one of them

hooray for zoo lights, snow, cousins and friends
their grandma gail loved the seal pond, she would have loved it tonight

it really was the perfect holiday outing.

remember me?

our annual Power shopping day and I would say it was one of our best ones
ever have Christmas in a mall? believe me we got some strange looks!
liv well you can guess, the nanny was bust tonight (and in pure bliss)