Sunday, May 20, 2012


          ok this one just made me remember a really fun day and it made me smile, my heart lives up there!
                                                                  mom's day 2012
     B made me Swedish pancakes, YUM! breakfast together at around the table is gift enough for me
 this made me smile too after church I found all the kids in the gym. The funny thing about this picture is except for one these are kids from 2 familie.s always someone to play with when you have a big family
 at Bethel every year on mothers day all the men young and old go on stage to sing to the women. I am not the only one who loves this tradition, I know. What a wonderful treat to hear that many men singing praises to God
 I have to be honest I really struggle on mothers day it really hits me hard that I don't have a mom here any more. the kids and dave know it hurts for me and do a great job to remind me of their crazy love for me. and I have a couple of women at church who loved my mom dearly and have become a mom and grandma to our family, God bless the body of Christ for filling in where the world can not. growing up all I ever wanted to be was a wife and a mom. I always say "I got everything I ever wanted" true, but boy has it painful
if you know me AT ALL you will know that this is a excellent sight to wake up to for me. This is my husbands work, luckily peeps aren't just for Easter any more to bad the tulips still are seasonal cuz oh how I love them both

do you have family devotions...

   I decided to take a picture of this one. you may remember family devotions as a kid seeming like a  lecture/punishment well not today!
 here we are throwing darts at each other the Biblical lesson? how our words sting and we need to be careful what we say to each other
                                               yep even me and D needed the reminder, sadly
I'll tell you it was really fun and we are still talking about it. The idea came from Tim shoemakers book on devos that your kids will actually remember check it out.  Time with the kids=priceless!

A bit about B

                           last week he received his first recruiting letter, let's pray it's the first of many

 sadly this was B's last race for sophomore year another season over, since there are 2 upper class-men faster than him on the team there will be no state qualifying this year BUT watch out for next !
If you have seen our garage and the size of my truck you will know that parking the one in the other is a real task with only inches on each side and the rear of the truck must touch the back wall for the door to close it's like a puzzle even some seasoned drivers can't accomplish. I am so proud to say that my boy has completed this task! yep he parked the old girl in with out any scratches to mine or grandmas car and as you see the garage is still standing. he really is a good driver this is testament to the fact.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

am I the only one who hates the new blog format?

           so blogger didn't like the pictures the first time around but I'm not gonna let that stop this girl!
   push-up contest I guess David can exercise with pants on. E on the other hand isn't so crazy about them

wonderfully random

 these photos are over quite a time span and begins with B & my birthday here we are at our birthday dinner at a wonderful restaurant up north for their Friday fish fry (neither of us had fish however). I couldn't be any prouder of my boy and the man he is becoming but really 16 how?
 here are the 3 buds "laying out in the sun" in 60 degree weather, our doctor would be so proud of them using sun screen! This truly was one of those priceless moments
 Sky stayed in the car for this one sadly but this is a beautiful new house of one of our friends David has the privilege of plumbing oh and if your wondering who gets this awesome view? the kids this is their "hang out room" (when they are to big for a toy room I guess) thankfully I am sure my kids will be doing some hanging out in this wonderful room.
                                                   these boys were in-separable just the way I love it!
 so so funny - this is B and E on E's "gator" going to work. B was the only luck one who got to go to work with him today. They sure did "fix" a lot of things.

             Gray's first play. He was very excited to get flowers especially the chocolate ones!
          how I remember all the fun times playing in my moms wheel chair, next generations turn
                    if you grew up at Bethel you recognize this yummy tradition cheered by all
                                                                      my boy
                                                 starting early with the summer time fun
 saying goodbye. I couldn't be happier with how these boys love each other and our time apart means nothing to them. together again is picking up from last times fun. cousins- need I say more?

                how in love do these 5 people look? grandma and grandpa love what could be better?

no pictures just words...

we have recently received another little angel for a time into our home. I know what you are saying "why? you are crazy, don't you have enough to deal with?" BUT I will tell you this there is no better way bring your family together than to help out someone who is in a worse place than you are. This one should be short term but I certainly God sent us this "desperate plea" for a purpose and we plan on making the most of the time! God bless your family today too.