Monday, May 25, 2009

Olivia, our new photographer

she is very proud of this firework photo. Happy memorial day everyone

finally our family embraces track and field, about time!

yes he is as huge as he looks and only a freshman.
proud cousins. we wish we had t-shirts to say we are Jon and Josh's family.

tips from the coach

Jon was liking the #1 spot tonight he was there quite a bit

FRIDAYS MEET. Jon moved on to sectionals. Another pair of fast legs in the family, YES!

he certainly had the best cheering section (just what a high school boy loves)
and the cutest cheerers too
and as always we celebrated Jons success by what else eating out!
great job boys! good luck at State Jon and remember this is only year 1, 3 more to go!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my kids raising $ for missionaries

at our church every time a missionary is getting ready to go out we have a bake auction (or action as G says) and my kids really get into it, so much so I don't even bake anything. Well here are the yummy fund raisers for this weeks auction, Gray a bouquet of star and mickey mouse choc. chip cookies
a Jesus shirt brownie for liv

a globe cake with the pins were missionaries are for sky

and well no explanation needed here, God bless America. I am always so proud at their excitement for serving. I couldn't even go tonight because of my pain so they went by themselves to help raise money (I sent my check) which to me shows it's their own efforts not just mine and for that I am just so thankful.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

all because of this amazing woman...

as we usually do at this time of year we had our family camp, downtown this year and it was excellent as it usually is

hooray this is the biggest smile shes ever given me for the camera

another huge smiler you can just see that we had a great time

this one is definitely going in a frame

watching the well orchestrated "dance" of the chicago river bridges, very cool
sadly it was a lot colder than it looks
this girl was stuck to these boys like velcro who can blame her

then we split in to a few groups (the warm and the cold) this was ours for lunch at foodlife
us brave souls holding out in the cold

there is always plenty of pool time at family camp

our families own Amazing Race, this team does look mighty tough

uh oh some fierce competition, sorry tan team I didn't get a team pic hope someone did

up for the road blocks this one cooking

find someone from another country speed bump

some tasks missing but there was a huge finish were we could eat the cooking challenge yum

the yoga road block, this is the "warrior 2"

then he began making up his own yoga positions, yeah I could never do that one. I forgot what he called it

Happy (gram)mothers day !

so differant and yet exactly the same aren't Gods ideas the greatest


whew family camp wears you out but you still can have fun even in your sleep

me and my babies on moms day

this was really cool art and we had met the artists at the field museum on B's birthday

we never get tired of the big bean

these are the new sculptures from China we called this one "Tin Foil"

red and yellow black and white... were just waiting to add another yellow (I know not very PC but true and beautiful none the less)
oh yeah girls check out this 6 pack

our theme is always the same -UNITY and how BLESSED we are to have it! until the next one...